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Servers Base is a privately held professional Internet Company.

Servers Base offers the most comprehensive range of secure, fully protected and private web hosting services in the world. We are located in a Tier 3 datacenter in The Netherlands. We have placed our equipment in our own racks in a private corridor with room for 38 racks. The network contains only the best connections like: AMS-IX, DECIX, L-INX, Tinet, NTT, Telia, Level3,..., etc. Our Core Center operates 24/7 with support engineers responding immediately to any customer request. We are into the Hosting business providing various services like Cloud hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Reseller Hosting And Dedicated Servers.

The network connectivity is done by reputed companies and setup fully redundant with Brocade routers in the core. We have multiple POPs (Point of Presences) to guarantee a very high network uptime to us. We also understand that every minute down is a minute too much.


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Datacenter And Network

About Our Datacenter

Servers Base operates in carrier-neutral datacenter in Rotterdam. We use award-winning cooling techniques to reach a PUE of 1.1. Our network is a transatlantic network with a capacity of over 793 Gigabit..

About Our Network

The network is redundantly connected to multiple premium transit providers and over 1,700 peers

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